How to Share Internet Connection to Devices from a Computer

This will show you how to easily create wireless hotspot on your computer to share internet with other computers, iPhones, iPads, Android and even use it to PING on Blackberry without BIS etc by creating a wireless hotspot on your computer. Now people own many devices which are nothing without internet connections and subscribing to them all is not economical.


Personally I didn’t know Blackberry devices can ping without BIS before now but yes, I do ping on my blackberry 9930 using wireless connection from my computer see picture below for proof. The number of devices that can be connected is unlimited also, so you can connect your friend’s laptops, connect your iPhone, iPad, Androids all sharing the same internet.

Trust me they are many software that can achieve this, most of them are not free like the popular Connectify  but this method by using Virtual Router Manager is the easiest I have come across and is totally free.



Steps to share Internet via wireless from computer to other devices

  1. Downloadd Virtual Router Manager from here
  2. Install it on your Windows Computer
  3. Open the Virtual Router Manager and type in a Network Name (SSID) , also type in a password, (note it must be up to 8 characters),  select the internet connection you want to share
  4. Now click start Virtual Router Manger
  5. Now you can turn-on wireless on your devices and you will see the network name, connect to it with the password you have created and you will have internet access from the computer.

If when you clicked start Virtual Router Manager you get a message that says “group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation” then all you have to do is on your start menu search CMD and right-click on it and run as administrator when a DOS environment comes up just type in this “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow” without the quote and hit enter, now it should work fine.

If you need any further help just connect below and I will reply you.


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