Browse Free on Etisalat with TunnelGuru VPN

This will show you how you will configure TunnelGuru VPN to browse totally free with Etisalat SIM card and it is very fast and stable.

This is currently working and rocks with no money on your etisalat sim card, note if you have money it will be deducted so it is advice to use it on a sim with no money at all.

Steps how to browse free with Tunnel Guru on Etisalat

1. Download TunnelGuru VPN software here for 32bit computer and here for 64bit computer.

2. Goto and register and account to get a username and password

3. Open the Tunnelguru VPN software on your computer (note you must have java installed on your computer)

4. Configure as below, Firts click on VPN TUNNEL and  insert your username and password then set RPort to 80 and LPort to 0, select ANY server with TCP and goto protocol and choose TCP, leave every other things unticked now to the next step.



The next step click on HTTP(s) TUNNEL at the top tap and insert the following:  webhost (see full list below of http servers) which MUST be the same with the serve you selected on VPN TUNNEL, web port: 80#443,  type your username and password, click on use proxy (,  proxy url: , proxy host:, port 80#443 finally select internet-7-M see full settings below.


5. Now connect your modem with Etisalat APN (any APN with work though)

6. Now click on start on the Tunnelguru VPN and wait for it to connect, if it shows any error just stop it and start again.

7. Now you are done! happy browsing and downloading unlimitedly

you can also look at how to browse free on MTN with no BIS using Tunnelguru here

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Full List of HTTP server


NOTE: you if selected GERMANY server on VPN TUNNEL then you must type in GERMANY (DE) HTTP server ip


[alert type=”green”]Note that is a free account and will not be fast like the premium i am using and also you might not be able to download torrent files, if you need TunnelGuru voucher for unlimited premium account for a month just send me a mail [email protected][/alert]


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