How to get 10GB free for two days on TunnelGuru

Do you have a valid email ID attached to your facebook account? Do you have upto 75 friends on facebook? Can you share a Tunnelguru’s facebook page with your friends? You can like Tunnelguru’s facebook page? If your answers are all yes then congratulations, Tunnelguru will reward you with 10GB free bandwidth for 2 days on its VPN clients app but on PC and mobile.


How to get 10GB Free From TunnelGuru

  1. Go to and grant access to the facebook app
  2. Share the page as requested
  3. Like the faccebook page
  4. You will receive a username and password in your email within 24-48hrs (Note this is a new separate username and password even if you have an account with tunnelguru before you will still receive a new username and password which will only work for 2 days)
  5. You can now use the username and password on TunnelGuru VPN client or TroidVPN android app but NOTE you can only use the PROMO servers (if you can’t see the PROMO server, mean you have an old client just redownload the latest version from TunnelGuru 8.3.0)

To upgrade your account after the 2 days PROMO data you can contact me via email [email protected] or whatsapp: +919654949069


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