Solution Now That MTN BIS on PC and Android Stopped Working

MTN BIS on PC and Android using several VPN software like TunnelGuru, TroidVPN, PDProxy, Simple Server has stopped connecting on the 13th of March, 2015, this has reduced the number of people online drastically in Nigeria.


Sure you didn’t expect it was going be forever, so at this point we all have two options to make.

  1. Wait till something good comes up again.
  2. While waiting explore other cheap ways to get online.

Cheap Android and PC Data Plans from MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL

Cheap MTN android Data Plans:
Cheapest MTN data plan for android and PC are: MTN Night plan that gives you 4.5GB for just 2500 Naira read here to learn about the plan and how to activate it here MTN 4.5GB Data Night Plan for 2500 Naira a Month and the second option will be getting SME Data which gives 1GB for 1200 Naira.
Cheap ETISALAT Android Data Plans:
Etisalat has just launched an android data plan that gives 2GB data for 2000 naira read here to learn about that plan Etisalat Launched New Android Data Plan

Cheap GLO Android Data Plans:
Glo currently has some cool options first will be using GLO BIS on android by changing the IMEI which gives you 3GB for just 1000 naira and also  currently you can get GLO  4.5Gb data for 2500 naira only buy dialing *127*58#
Cheap Airtel Android Data Plans:
Airtel will give you 4GB of data for 2000 naira if your SIM is eligible for their offer by dialing *440*161# or get 2GB of data for same 2000 naira if not eligible by dialing *440*16#.

I hope with this options you can get back online and enjoy the internet while we hope for and Unlimited data plan again very soon.


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