How to get details of any unknown song using Shazam mobile app

Shazam is a music and TV identification mobile application which gives you details of a song or a TV program when you come across unfamiliar songs or TV programs.

Shazam works amazingly, and it will beat you if you are just testing it for the first time, I went to an eatery with a friend, the environment was very noisy and the TV was playing a very nice but unfamiliar song, my friend brought out his mobile device held it just a bit put to catch the music in the lousy environment, personally I felt he was recording the song, which will be so lame as all he could have recorded will be louse, but amazingly he withdrew the phone and showed me the song’s name, artist and album details…I was wowed.

Shazam is available on Nokia, android, iOS, windows mobile and blackberry devices.

How to search details of any unfamiliar song with Shazam

After installing the app you just have to hold down the tag button, and you will get a notification that its listening with the shazam’s icon rotating, just place is close to the sound output and in few seconds you will get details of the songs and if it was not found you will get a get a notification that it was not found but rarely does happy has I have mostly being successful with it.

How Shazam works

You might be wondering how it really does work, seriously nobody will blame you for wondering as I was also very curious at first then I was able to know how it works.

Shazam identifies songs based on an audio fingerprint based on a time-frequency graph called a spectrogram, spectrogram, is a visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies in a sound, so its really not possible or probably rare to have two songs with same spectrogram.

Shazam have more than 15 million audio fingerprints on its database, so when you tag a song on the app, it creates an audio fingerprint of the song you are listening to and try to match it on its database, when a match is found then you get the details of the song.

How do download Shazam app

Download Shazam for android here (Play store)

Download Shazam for iOS here (iTunes ) here

Download Shazam for Nokia (Ovi suit) here

Download Shazam for Windows Mobile (Windows marketplace) here

Download Shazam for Blackberry (Blackberry app world) here

How to download songs directly from Shazam

After Shazam gives you the details of the song you tagged, the option it will give you is to buy the song, oops! We all want free downloads, for android users there is an app to help download directly on Shazam, just download it from here (my Dropbox) Shazam Downloader

After installing the downloader, just get song details on Shazam then click on share and then choose this downloader, automatically it will look for the song online and download it for you.

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