Easiest way to copy contacts from a blackberry to android device

As most people are migrating to android OS, most people face the problem of migrating all their contacts from their Blackberry devices to android devices.

There are actually many ways to achieve this but the easiest way is via Bluetooth which doesnt require a computer, i will describe the simple process below


  1. Activate Bluetooth on your android and blackberry devices, and don’t forget to make them visible.
  2. On the blackberry device goto add new device, now pair the android device to the blackberry.
  3. Now on paired devices on your blackberry the android should be listed, goto the android device and click the blackberry symbol, you should see an option to transfer contacts, it will send a .vcf extension file to your android device, just open it with your android contacts app and it will automatically be imported into your android contact.

Simple enough, share with your friends the simple and easiest way to transfer contacts from a blackberry to android device.

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