10 Places to Download Android Apps Other Than Google Play

These are the top 10 places where you can download android apps from apart from Google Play Store.  A lot of people thinks Google Play Store is the only place to download android apps and so get stuck with it even when it stops functioning fine on their devices instead of asking where else to download android apps.


Google play store still remain the largest android app repository with more than 1.3 million apps available and more than 50 billion downloads but we cannot overlook the need for other places to download android apps.

Note to install non Google play store apps, you will need to go into your Settings > Security menu and tick Unknown sources.
Below are the top 10 other Places where you can download android apps from:

1. Amazon App Store 

Amazon App Store is the official app store which is pre-installed on Amazon Kindle Fire Devices by Amazon, this is a major competitor of the Google’s Play Store with lots of cool features like you get a free premium app everyday, and you get to try a premium app for a day.

Currently they are more than 250,000 android apps both free and paid which are available on the Amazon App Store.

Amazon App Store is a great place to download malware free apps as they screen well apps before allowing on their android app market.

2. F-Droid

F-Droid is sure the best android market place when you are looking for the best free and open source android app repository also when talking about where else to download malware free android apps then F-droid is another great option, as this is one of the most secured android app market place with very strict requirements before an app can be uploaded on the app store.

The strictness though as a good thing has limited the number of apps available on the app market as must developers find it had to meet up the strict requirements.

3. GetJar 

This have been around for a long time now even before android devices and generally smartphones, they have apps for almost all mobile devices including Java ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile,  Android etc.

GetJar has more than 2 billion apps on its app store with more than 3 million daily download, app developers are allowed to upload their apps on getjar for free, giving people access to free downloads of supposed paid apps.

4. SlideME

As some android devices dont come with Google Play Store, most of those are shipped with SlideMe as an alternative, it offers a wide range of free and premium android Apps from application developers all around the world.

5. Opera Mobile Store

Opera app store has also been around for a while now with lots of mobile apps for different mobile OS readily available for downloads, they might not be so many apps on it but you are sure to get the major apps your required and well assured they are safe for your device.

6. Mobogenie Market

This is another modern android app market with very large android app repository , it has a very simple and clean interface and easy to navigate around.

Mobogenie Market has son cool features also, like downloading of free ringtones, downloading of youtube videos directly on your mobile etc.

7. Mobango

This is a community driven mobile market which allows users to create and share a wide variety of mobile content, not just mobile apps.

it is also not just an android market, other mobile OS like Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian are also well represented with more then 100, 000 apps and over 1 billion totally downloads.

8. 1Mobile

With close to 1 million apps available on its app market, its a place where you swim in apps, although careful reviews of apps is necessary to get great quality apps

9. Samsung Apps

As the biggest and most successful Android device manufacturer around, Samsung has been offering a range of its own services and content on all of its devices, and that includes apps.

Now know as Samsung Galaxy  Apps, is Samsung’s official app store for its mobile devices, Unlike some other Android application stores, Samsung Apps validates all third-party applications for malware and harmful content before making them available for download or purchase through the store.This validation process includes verification of installation permissions.

10. AppsLib

This comes pre-installed on a lot of small devices, mainly tablets, they have more than 40,000 apps on its app market. this is on most android devices who couldnt get Google certification.

There are also alot of app categories including adult contents which is locked with a PIN.


There are obviously more android app market out there, you can add your best Google Play alternatives in the comment box and i will update the article.


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