How to Check if Your Tecno Phone and Battery are Original

This will show you how to check if your Tecno Phone and battery are original or fake, since Tecno phones are becoming very popular the need to be sure you have the original phone and battery is very necessary as imitations of the Tecno batteries are now becoming available in the market, i am yet to know of the fake Tecno phones but i am sure they are also available in the market which was the sole reason why Tecno Mobile has decided to help in identifying the genuineness of their products.


How to Check the Genuineness of your Tecno Phone

1. Get your IMEI and VC number from your phone (its at the back of the phone when you remove the battery or on the phone pack)

2. Visit

3. Type in the IMEI and VC of your Tecno phone

4. Click submit to now check if your tecno phone is genuine or fake

5. Now you will see the result of the check if your Tecno Phone is original or fake

How to Check the Genuineness of your Tecno Battery

1. Remove your battery and copy out the serial number (SN)

2. Visit

3. Type in your Serial Number/SN of your Tecno battery

4. Click submit

5. Now you will see if your Tecno battery if original or fake

Hint: if you are going to buy a Tecno phone, go with an internet enabled phone so you can check the phones genuineness before buying it, IMEI are also on the pack so you dont have to open it before checking.

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