How to use MTN Blackberry BIS plan on android and computer

This tutorial will show you how to use the 1000 naira MTN BIS blackberry plan on your android, iPhones, iPads and Conputers easily.

1. load 1000 naira

2. send BBC to 21600

3. Now you will receive a message that you have been subscribed to MTN blackberry plan for one month

4. now on the non- blackberry device you want to use it, located the data settings and find Access point (APN) now change the APN from the default to just

5. save and exit now you will be able to use the blackberry plan on any non-blackberry device.

Note: this plan comes with just 3GB of data, learn how to make the plan unlimited check here


This is a way you can now use your android devices on MTN Blackberry plans, you will use an application called DroidVPN
1. Go here to register for it
2. Download the application through their website or search Google play and download it (DroidVPN)
3. open the application and insert your username and password you have registered, goto settings on the right-top corner of the app select connection protocol to UDP or ICMP and make sure the apn settings on your android network settings is also set to
4. click CONNECT on DroidVPN and now you can browse but mind you it’s a trial version so you can only use 100MB a day.

You can check here to see how to use VPN on Android and Other mobile platforms and computer

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