The 5 Best Android Apps for Balancing Your Budget

Keeping track of your personal financial situation and balancing your budget has become easier than ever. Instead of spending hours balancing your checkbook, smartphone apps have made keeping track of income and expenditures something that can be done in just a few hours a day. Here are some of the top apps for Android devices that can help you keep an eye on your money, anytime, anywhere.
Perhaps the most famous personal budgeting app is Mint, available for free, keeps detailed records about your income and where your money goes, even breaking expenses down into types, such as food or utilities. Similarly, Level Money allows you to manage your expenses and set a budget through one of the easiest and most straightforward interfaces out there.

One of the most important apps you will want to have is the one from your bank or brokerage firm. Through these apps you can manage your accounts in real time, from anywhere and always ensure that you have the right amount in your bank account. And if you use 24Bulls broker, for instance, to trade binary options, you can download a dedicated app from them to trade right on your Android device.

For those with a lot of expenses and have to manage lots of receipts, a scanning app such as CamScanner can be invaluable. You can take pictures of financial documents and receipts, save them as PDF files, and then integrate that information into your budget apps like Mint.

These apps are just the start as mobile wallets, integrated credit card apps, and price comparison apps for your Android can also make budgeting simple, cheap, and fast.

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