Solved: IOS8 Update Cannot Installed Because it Requires GB of Storage

Yesterday, 17th of September, Apple pushed out the new IOS8 to their users, the new IOS8 which comes with a lot of new cool features, improvements and tweaks.

After the release, a lot of people who tried to update their IOS version via OTA were having a weird error message that’s says “The Update Cannot be Installed Because it Requires GB of Storage”, most people had to delete off their medias and files just to get the new IOS8 on their device.

That got a lot of people asking how much space exactly does the new IOS8 requires; for the iPhone and iPod touch, you will need nearly 5GB of space available, and for the iPad, you will need basically 7GB of space available. This is very huge amount of space which most Apple users don’t have.

If you are looking for a way to install the new IOS 8 on your device without having to delete any file then sure there is a way around it.

How to install IOS8 without deleting anything from your device

The easiest way to install IOS8 without deleting anything is to not update via OTA but rather update it via iTunes on Mac OS X or Windows, all you have to do is backup your device first as expected when updating via iTunes.

When you connect your device to iTunes you should get a pop asking you to download the New IO8 or just hit the check for update and you will get the notification to update, click download and update and you should be good.

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