Are Apple Products Unnecessarily Expensive?

As you already know when we talk about Apple products we hear people complain of the prices, so the question pops up, are they unnecessarily expensive? Do the product actually worth such high prices? Are they expensive because of its brand name?

With the increasing rate of Apple users, you can say there is something behind such mystery where people prefer a product which is far more expensive than its counterpart with products which performs almost same task and even some with higher specifications.

With close competitors producing very similar products with higher specifications and even better designs, over the past several years, Apple has moved towards standard hardware’s, so that the only real difference is the OS, so the choice lies now mainly on the OS and with time the OS are getting very similar with other OS from close competitors.


In my humble review i think Apple products are overpriced and is one of the “must-have” luxury items for the average person, over any other product in the continent. Not that Apple products are actually important, but people want to fit in and want to be elite because same money spent to acquire apple products can actually get you a product with same specs and capability or even higher at a lesser price but no though apple products are elegantly and sleekly made but not that they perform better task than others.

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