5 Technologies That Will Remain

You may have noticed how technology evolves, a lot of technologies we were using 5 years back are now obsolete, like common who still uses a VHS player? Or a floppy disk to store data? That got me thinking if none of the current technology we are using now will still be in use years to come.

After some thinking I came to a conclusion that some of the current technologies we are using now will not go out of use in the near 30years.

  1. Television Sets: despite the numerous gadgets which are available to watch cable stations, the need for a dedicated television set in the home will not be affected. There might be some changes in functionality, shapes, sizes but a television will still remain.
  2. HTML Based Websites: I don’t see any technology taking over HTML coding, I believe in years to come people will still be coding in HTML, may be HTML 12 but it will remain the format we use to build the online applications and publications of the future.
  3. Local Storage: local storage like the solid state drive, flash drives and so will probably remain even with cloud services becoming more prominent and broadband getting faster, there will still be need for local storage transfer.
  4. PC’s: with the rising number of smartphones and tablets which can probably do almost everything a PC can do, I am still of the opinion that PC’s will remain as people tend to turn to use their PC’s when it is time to do some serious work, like multitasking and so.
  5. QWERTY Keyboard: I am of the view that qwerty layout keyboards will still be in use, even with the rising technologies of voice recognition, the need for a keyboard will still be there.


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