Free Blackberry and Huawei New Algo Online Calculator

I have just launched an instant online unlocker which currently unlocks Huawei modems both old and new algo, generates flash code for huawei, generates Hash code which is use for resetting unlock counter and Blackberry unlocker.


The requests for unlock codes is getting very huge and attending to those requests is tiring considering i am back to school, so i decided to launch a platform where people can unlock their devices themselves.

I am going to be adding other unlockers according to your requests.

How to use the online calculator

1. visit the calculators page: Wasconet Online Calculator

2. Login with your Facebook (This is to help stop spamming and unauthorized use of the platform) Login is not required anymore 🙂

3. You can now unlock your devices and get your unlock codes instantly, no need to wait.

For Free Blackberry Unlock Code

Please if you didnt get your Blackberry Unlock Code via the calculator, request for your unlock code here Request For Free Blackberry Unlock Code and you will get a respond almost immediately .


[alert type=”red”]Note: for the Huawei New Algo code, you can only generate unlock code twice a day, users will be given 2 credit per day.[/alert]





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