New MTN Night Plan for just 25 Naira


Recently there has been a serious data plan competition by internet service providers in Nigeria as they are all reviewing their data plans and introducing new data plans like this new MTN Night plan for just 25 naira.

MTN Nigeria as one of the biggest company in this competition has since unveiled new cheap data plans and revisited its old data plans prices and data allocation.


MTN Night Plan for 25 Naira

To subscribe just for this MTN Night Plan you have to be on MTN pulse, if you are not on pulse just dial *406# to migrate to MTN iPulse package.

Now make sure you have at least 25 naira on the MTN sim card:

Send Night to 131

Note this plan will give you just 500MB data for a night from 12PM to 4AM and you can only subscribe once on a SIM card per night except you use different SIM cards.

There are some other New Cheap MTN Night Data Plans which can give you 1GB for 200 naira, 2.5Gb for 500 naira and 5GB for 1000 naira starts 9Pm to 6AM daily.

What do you think about this MTN Night plan? I personally have a problem with the timing starting 12PM and ending 4AM, 9AM to 6AM would have been a better timing.


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  1. Rob April 8, 2017

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