Airtel BIS to Stop Working on Non-Blackberry Devices

Airtel BIS which has being the hope of non-blackberry users’ especially android users for data usage in Nigeria has been announced to stop working as from the 3rd of December 2013.

Airtel recently announced a new Unlimited Airtel BBM Plan for Android and iPhone which can be used to PING using the BBM for android but the plan doesn’t cover browsing.

Just yesterday Airtel Nigeria rolled out an SMS to notify the public that it’s BIS plan will no longer work on non-blackberry devices.

This was a big shock to many people as most people have opted to using airtel BIS plan since its cheaper and allocates more data, as you can get 4GB for just 1500 Naira.

Now the question is what data plan is best in Nigeria now to opt to?

I have reviewed most data plans by Nigerian Network providers and the best of all now is the MTN night plan.


MTN Night Plan 2500 Naira for 4.5GB of data

Plan name: MTN Night Plan (9PM-6AM)
Price: ₦ 2500
Data allocation: 4.5GB (3GB + 1.5GB bonus)

How to subscribe: Send 102 to 131 or  Dial *102#
Duration: 30days

See full detail of the MTN Night Plan here

Note: The bonus data of 1.5Gb will be the one to be first used up and the bonus data will work 24hrs, but after exhausting the 1.5GB you will be left with 3Gb which will now ONLY work from 9PM to 6AM.

We hope they revert back to letting the BIS plan to work on non-blackberry device soon if they realise how much they will probably lose to this.

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