MTN Data Plan

Below is the full updated list of all MTN Data plan, subscription codes and duration for all platforms ranging from Blackberry, Android, Windows, Iphones etc.


Blackberry data plan for MTN 

MTN Nigeria has decommissioned MTN Blackberry Services and so all Blackberry data plan are no more available on MTN network, if you are using any Blackberry 10 device, any other data plan will work on it, no need for MTN BIS.

MTN monthly plan 

  • 1000 Naira (30 days) – 1.5GB subscription code (text”106″ to 131 or *131*106#)
  • 2000 Naira (30 days) – 3.5GB subscription code (text”110″ to 131 or *131*110#)
  • 5000 Naira (30 days) – 10GB subscription code (text”116″ to 131 or *131*116#)
  • 10000 Naira (30 days) – 22GB subscription code (text”117″ to 131 or or *131*117#)
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MTN Weekly plan

  • 500 Naira (7 days) – 750MB subscription code (text”103″ to 131 or *131*103#)

MTN daily Plan

  • 50 Naira (24 hours) – 10MB subscription code (text”114″ to 131 or *131*114#)
  • 100 Naira (24 hours) – 30MB subscription code (text”104″ to 131 or *131*104#)
  • 200 Naira (24 hours) – 100MB subscription code (text”113″ to 131 or *131*113#)

MTN data plan for android 

All MTN Data plan will work on android devices irrespective of the mtn data plan. if your android device is 4G LTE enabled you can use any of the above mtn data plans too. Read here for more on MTN 4G

MTN 1000 data plan 

MTN 1000 data plan seems to be the most used data plan by MTN users among the mtn data plan available, this plan offers 1.5GB of data for 1000 naira, you can subscribe by texting “106” to 131 or dialing *131*106#.

MTN Night Plan

MTN night plan is a very deal from MTN, the data plan offers 500MB of data to its subscribers at 25 naira only per night. You can only subscribe to this plan once a day on a number. To subscribe text “Night” to 131.



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