New way to subscribe to MTN BB 10 BBLITED, BBLITEW, BBLITEM Plan

You all might have noticed that MTN has upgraded their Blackberry BB10 plans and the normal BBLITE Plans which you subscribe with *216*3*1# or sending BBLITED to 21600 will give you an error that Your subscription to the BBLITE Daily Failed


Codes to subscribe to BB 10 Lite plans

  1. *216*3*1# – 70 naira for 1 day
  2. *216*3*2# – 350 naira for a week
  3. *216*3*3# – 1000 naira for a month

The above codes are ways to subscribe to the BB 10 lite plans but few days ago some people are getting error messages when trying to subscribe to the MTN BB 10 lite plan that Your subscription to the BBLITE Daily Failed .

If you getting that error and the SMS option of sending BBLITED, BBLITEW and BBLITEM to 21600 doesn’t work the only option will be the solution below.

New Code to subscribe to MTN BB10 BBLITED Plan

  • Recharge the amount desired (70, 350 or 1000 naira)
  • Dial 180
  • Following the voice prompt press 1 for language change to English followed by 6 to access other services, followed by 2 for activations then press 3 for Blackberry Z10 Q10 plans then press 3 Blackberry Z10 and Q10 Lite bundle then press 1 for 1000 naira a month, 2 for 350 naira a week and 3 for 70 naira a day. (So the options after you dial 180 will be 1,6,2,3,3, then 1 for a month plan, 2 for week plan and 3 for daily plan)

Another Way to subscribe to MTN BB10 BBLITED Plan


  • Another option is to dial *131#
  • Press 6 for Blackberry Plans
  • Press 3 for BB 10 MINI (this is the new BB LITE Plan)
  • Press 1 for daily Plan, 2 for weekely and 3 for monthly BB 10 MINI plan

NOTE: MTN BB 10 plans above still works on simple server, Tunnelguru VPN, Psiphon handler and on any other VPN tunneling applications.


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