See Why iPhone Runs Smoothly on 1GB RAM and Android Can’t

If you have been wondering why an iPhone can run smoothly without lagging on just 1GB RAM while its android counterparts need more RAM to run as smooth as the iPhone, then it’s definitely time for you to understand just why.


Over the years, one of the most shouted-about upgrades in smartphones is the RAM. Android phones like Asus Zenfone 2, Samsung Galaxy s7, OnePlus2, Xiaomi Mi Max, Gionee S8 etc. which comes with a whopping 4GB RAM.

Apple has proven it over the years that you don’t need as much as a 4GB RAM to make a phone that will run smoothly. Apple’s iPhones runs on 1GB RAM except for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and the iPhone SE which runs on 2GB RAM.


Reasons Why iPhones can run on lower RAM than Android Phones

  1. iPhone development doesn’t have a method of Garbage collection while android uses a garbage collection solution for memory management. What’s garbage collection? It’s a process that triggers the recycling of memory once an Android app is done using it. Usually, this works pretty well on systems that have a lot of free RAM, but once you get a lot of different apps running, things start getting dicey, for the IOS it only needs the memory for it to run and that’s all.
  2. IOS is optimized to run on its hardware which is designed and tested by Apple and manufactured by Apple’s manufacturing partners while Android on the other hand is an open source that means that you can mold it to properly do whatever you want it to do, so it’s manufacturer tend to provide a platform for that with a larger RAM.
  3. While both OS supports multitasking, they do this differently, Android allows an app to run fully in the background as long as you have the RAM, IOS allows multitasking on a limited basis.
  4. Java is the programming language use in Android development, Java is known to eat up lot of memory, on the other hand Objective-C, Swift and Metal programming languages which is used in developing IOS is a lot fast as its used Object-Orientation which is a good choice for high-performance computer programming.


It has also been proven that the more the RAM on a phone the more the battery consumption.

Although having a bigger RAM on the iPhone will definitely improve its performance as iDownloadblog on a blog post and video carried out a comparison between iPhone 6 with 1GB RAM and iPhone 6s which runs on 2GB RAM, notably in the video the extra 1GB RAM on the iPhone 6s has some benefits majorly on the safari browser. The video shows the iPhone 6s with a 2Gb RAM loads a website with a lot of high graphic content faster than the iPhone 6 with a 1GB RAM.

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