How to use MTN BIS on Android using DroidVPN

MTN Blackberry plan is back on non blackberry devices using VPN software,  the BBCDAY, BBCWEEK and BBC MTN blackberry plans has been tested by me on different platforms ranging from android devices, iPhone/iPad and on computer PC.

To Use MTN BIS on Android

1. Download DroidVPN from Google Market and Register an account to have a username and password.

2. It might request for a file called Tun.Ko, download it here.

3. Now set your APN setting on your android device to

4. Open DroidVPN, insert your username and password, goto settings and choose ICPM as connection protocol

5. Now on the home screen click the big botton to connect, now you can enjoy your BIS on android

NOTE: for free user, you are limited to 100MB per day.

If you want to use it on a computer you will have to use PD-Proxy instead, you can read how to use MTN BIS on Computer using PD-Proxy here


If you desire to get full access to either the DroidVPN or PD-Proxy contact me [email protected]




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