How to Browse with MTN BIS Using Tweakware on Computer

Tweakware VPN can be use to browse anonymously and unlimited on computer using any MTN BIS plan at a very cheap rate.

Tweakware is a VPN client like PD-Proxy, Wi-Free, Sandwich etc and all works well on any MTN BIS plan but Tweakware’s premium voucher is much cheaper compare to others.

Tweakware also opens all type of website, even very secure sites like PayPal. [wpsm_ads1]

Advantages of using Tweakware VPN

  • You will become anonymous on the Internet and no one can tell where you are actually located in and can neither tell what your real IP address is.
  • Your data will be secure and out of the reach of prying eyes.
  • Inaccessible websites/internet resources will now be accessible.
  • Achieve total internet freedom.

Steps to comfigure Tweakware VPN

  1. Goto  and register an account, please note you have to upgrade your account to be able to use Tweakware.
  2. Now download the client VPN software here
  3. Now subscribe to any MTN BIS plan, check here for a list of the plans
  4. Now on your internet modem interface set your APN to
  5. Now launch the Tweakware client input your username and password, all settings should already been inserted but to be sure, your settings should look be:
    • On the main screen, select any server from the menu list and tick protocol UDP
    • Click settings and fill your username and password
    • Tick on R.port for connect and type 500 on the box beside it
    • If no TAP driver is installed on your computer, click utilities and click on Install TAP 32 Adapter.
  6. Now you can click connect, wait till it successfully connect to the server selected.

Note: 1 month plan on Tweakware cost 450 Naira, contact [email protected] for your voucher now.

Happy browsing!!!

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