Airtel Introduces First Android Data Plan in Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria has introduced the first android data plan in Nigeria, this is as a result of multiple campaign by android users online for an affordable data plan for their data-sucking android devices.


Airtel which currently is the first to come up with the android data plans has definitely started a competiton which surely will end up with a cheaper internet to android users.

Currently the plans doesnt look too cheap but can still be said to be a great start, as currently you can even get 4GB data plan for 2 months for just 1500 naira if your SIM card is eligible for that promo, or the plan which seems to be the best for far in Nigeria MTN 4.5GB Data Night Plan for 2500 Naira a Month so with this plans i personally dont think the new android plan is cheap, but i will let you guys decide.

How to Subscribe to Airtel Data Plan for Android

Airtel Android data plan comes in two type, the first is for 2GB of data while the second is for 4.5GB data.

1. Dial *437# for 2GB of data which costs 2,000 naira

2. Dial *438# for 4GB of data which costs 3,500 naira

Both plans are valid for a month.

what do you guys think about this new plan compare to the normal Airtel BIS on android and MTN 4.5Gb night plan?

Please it is advisable to try out airtel in your location before subscribing to any of their plans as they have bad internet service in some areas

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