How to Browse on Android With Troidvpn TCP on MTN

After ICMP on Troidvpn stopped working, the good news now is all VPN proxy softwares are back on tcp protocol, this will show you the settings for Troidvpn on adnroid using MTN.

First you will remember my tutorial on how to use MTN BIS with Troidvpn to browse on android devices yes it was blocked but now you can enjoy same vpn application on android with NO BIS required or any other subscription.

Troidvpn tcp settings on android


  1. Make sure you are connecting with apn:
  2. Download the Triodvpn app from playstore if you dont have it already installed on your android
  3. Set the protocol to TCP
  4. Set Rport to be 5222
  5. Now set the Lport to 3118
  6. Connect and blaze free, yes free!!! no bis or any plan required, no data limit

Note: it is currently stable and fast but i cant guarantee same on free account so you might consider upgrading to premium user

To upgrade your account you can always contact me via [email protected]


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