How to Browse on Computer with PDproxy TCP on MTN

Good news is PDproxy is back and better on MTN using TCP protocol and its stage and no BIS required, all VPN software are now browsing free on MTN with no BIS.

If you have seen my tutorial on how to browse with pdproxy using MTB BIS then you should already know how stable and fast pdproxy is, and to make it better you dont need MTN BIS for this to work, it will work on 0 kobo.

How to configure Pdproxy on MTN


  1. Connect your modem through the default APN:
  2. Download Pdproxy,  if you dont have it already click on my former tutorial on pdproxy
  3. Open Pdproxy, click on the settings (spanner icon at the top), click on “click here to show advance settings “
  4. click on proto option and set port to 443, Bind Local Port to 1100 (see picture below)


5. Now click save and go back.

6. At the front page now, select a server (DEMO 2 if you are a free user) and select TCP

Now you can blaze on with your MTN SIM at 0 kobo

Note: this might not be too stable if you are on a free account, so i will advice you get this to work and test it then consider upgrading your account to premium, you can contact me [email protected] for that.

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