How to Browse Free on Android With DroidVPN TCP on MTN

Droidvpn application is back on android devices on TCP protocol and now stable with the latest Droidvpn appliocation just follow the steps carefully but note, it works only well on rooted android devices.

This also works on android devices and no need for MTN BIS or any sort of subscription, it works on 0 kobo and you can user termianl emulator to help make it stable.

Settings for DroidVPN on Android


1. Download  Droidvpn if you dont have it already installed and register to get a username and password.

2. Download Terminal Emulator from playstore

3. Now open up Terminal Emulator and ping google by typing ‘su’ then press ENTER then type again ‘ping’ then minimize terminal emulator (do not close Terminal Emulator all through and note dont type su and ping google with quotation)

4. On your droidvpn now on settings set protocol to TCP, TCP port should to 5222 and udp port to 5222 and finally local binding port to 1110 also insert your username and password you registered.

5. Now save it and you can now select a free server if you are a free user and connect
6. Enjoy your browsing and if you need a premium account contact me via [email protected]

Note: you should connect via default apn:

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