PRD to MEP Calculator for Free Blackberry Unlock

Blackberry PRD which is an ID number for a blackberry device, it means Product Requirements Documents. The PRD number signifies to which network carrier the blackberry was manufactured for, it’s very important for Blackberry Unlock.


They are always 8 numbers which are usually written in a pattern like PRD-54783-002

They can be found on the sticker at the back of the blackberry phone when you remove the battery.

PRD number is very essential when you are considering unlocking your blackberry phone to be able to calculate unlock code for blackberry unlocking two things are required

  • The IMEI of the phone which can be found also on the sticker at the back of the phone or by dialing *#06# on the blackberry phone to be unlocked.
  • The PRD or MEP ID

Most Blackberry unlocking services will require PRD or MEP, some unlocking service will require strictly MEP ID.

MEP ID is totally different from PRD number but are written in same pattern but starting with a MEP example of MEP will be MEP-01457-001, MEP are also 8 number.

How to Find MEP from PRD number


If you are been asked for MEP id you can easily calculate the MEP ID from your PRD number, you can use an online calculate that Calculate MEP ID from PRD Here.


After getting your PRD and MEP and IMEI you can just post your blackberry unlock request on our blog post Unlock Your Blackberry or you can try out our self calculator for free blackberry unlock code


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