NITEL/MTEL Rebrands as NTEL with a 4G LTE Network

The Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) and its mobile subsidiary (MTEL) which have gone through tough times over the years is re-branding as NTEL after been acquired by NATCOM under a guided liquidation process supervised by the Bureau of Public Enterprises.


NATCOM has promised to take telecommunication services in Nigeria to a new level and in view of that NTEL is launching with an ultra speed internet service on 4G LTE network.

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The chairman of NATCOM Olatunde Ayeni discloses that the 4G LTE high-speed mobile broadband services will have coverage in suburban communities in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt for a start.

NATCOM which after successfully acquiring NITEL and MTEL have freshly laid fiber optic cables to offer world class high definition and high speed data service.

NTEL is said to be ready to launch its services come March, 2016 on the 0804 mobile numbering prefix.

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