Phones in Nigeria with 4G LTE to enjoy the new NTEL 4G service

This is just a list of phones and devices in Nigeria that supports 4G LTE service as we all await the massive launch of NTEL, the brainchild of NATCOM who just rebranded NITEL/MTEL and is to launch a 4G LTE network.

You can currently reserve your special numbers on NTEL


4G LTE which is actually two terms, as the 4G means the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks following 3G network being the third generation while the LTE stands for Long Term Evolution which simply means high-speed data for phones and other mobile devices. This two together makes 4G LTE – which simply means the fastest 4G service available today.

Currently in Nigeria we have few Telecommunication companies offering 4G LTE network like Spectranet, Smile Communications Nigeria, Swift and IPNX Nigeria.

Although it has been argued that telecommunication companies in Nigeria are not been truthful about the services they offer as some test have shown that 3G services on some networks are faster in speed than the proclaimed 4G networks.


We hope that NTEL will stand out as it has promised and provide Nigerians with world class fast mobile broadband 4G LTE network service.

To enjoy a 4G LTE service on your mobile devices on any of internet service providers currently in Nigeria or you are waiting to enjoy 4G LTE service from NTEL you will have to have a 4G LTE enabled phone.

Below is the list of currently popular phones in Nigeria with 4G LTE.

List of Phones that supports 4G LTE in Nigeria

TECNO Phantom 5

Samsung Galaxy A5

HTC one M9

TECNO Camon c5

Huawei Honour 7i

Sony Xperia Z1

Lenovo A8

ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini

HTC One M8

Xiaomi Redmi 2.

Xiaomi Note 3

Xiaomi Mi 5

Gionee M3 Mini


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