How to Root Your Tecno N3 and P3 Phones

This tutorial will show you how to root your Tecno N3 and Tecno P3 android phones easily in few steps without a computer.

what you will be needing

  • Download poot from here to your phone
  • You should goto settings on the phone –>Application: check unknown source; tap preferred install location, select internal device storage; tap development and check USB debugging and Allow mock locations.
  • Internet access on the phone
  • Now you are ready for the main rooting [wpsm_ads1]

Steps to root your Tecno phone

  1. Goto file explorer on your phone and locate the poot application you downloaded above, click on it to instal.
  2. After installing open the installed poot application from your menu icon, i will request to download ministro services, download and install Ministro II library from Google play store .
  3. Now go back to open the poot application again, it will ask to  update QT libraries, do that and your phone should restart automatically, if it doesn’t, restart it yourself (if updating the library fails just keep trying).
  4. Now remove your memory card and boot the phone without a memory card and with only one SIM CARD which you can browse on.
  5. Immediately the phone gets to home-screen quickly go and tab on the poot application and tab on press here to poot
  6. After the above step your phone should shut down automatically (if it doesn’t, restart your phone and repeat from step 5 now to make it easy, move the icon of poot to your home screen so you can quickly tab on it immediately the phone boots up.).
  7. After the phone goes off, it should come back, but if it does not you have to remove the battery and put it back, then start it.
  8. Now again quickly tab on the poot aplication immediately your phone gets to the home- screen
  9. If every thing goes well then you should see an option to download super user and root checker (if not try the steps again till you see this two options. (after few tries, just go ahead and install super user and root checker from google play)
  10. Now download and install the super user and root checker from the link on poot.
  11. Open up root checker and click verify to check the status of your phone. you should see congratulation your phone has root access

If you get demon materialized while pooting

All you should do is restart and keep trying, sometimes you will get it done at first instance some times even up to 10 times before getting it done, also to make it efficient and quick just move the poot icon to home screen because all you need to do to make it work is to click on poot immediately the device comes up before the device loads some files that will interrupt poot.

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