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Published on July 26th, 2013 | by Wilson


How to Reset New Algo like E303 E3131 Counter from 0 to 10

This tutorial will show you how to reset back the counter of new Huawei modems with new algo from 0 to 10 trials after inserting wrong unlock codes 10 times.

NOTE: This tutorial has been updated (9/1/2013) and works on all Huawei modems .

Before i start you will need

* To download the latest DC Crap from here

* Go here to get your new algo unlock code I will answer your request within an hour.

* After getting the unlock code above go here and calculate your new algo nck hash yourself using the unlock code

Now follow this simple steps and you will have your Huawei modem ready to receive unlock codes again.

  1. Have your modem installed on the computer with all the drivers installed then make sure to close the dashboard of your modem before continuing.
  2. Now open your task manager on your computer (hold CLTR + ALT + DEL then select task manager).
  3. When the task manager comes up, click on processes and look up for HWDeviceService.exe, when you find it, right click on it and choose end process tree.
  4. Now open Dc Crap you have downloaded above, select manufacturer as Huawei and select your model now click on the search bottom, your Huawei modem should be detected and listed below.
  5. Now in the white box below your Huawei modem details type this inside the box the AT-Command for Huawei NEW ALGO Counter Reset  as  AT^CARDUNLOCK=” NEW ALGO NCK HASH” Replace NEW ALGO NCK HASH with the hash code you have generated above so the code line will look like this (e.g  AT^CARDUNLOCK=” dfc96a1626abf5c8735401f7fef7d460 ).
  6. Press ENTER on your keyboard and the code will be executed and you will have your Huawei unlock counter reset back to 10.

Now you can request for your free Huawei  New Algo unlock code from me here

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You can now unlock your Huawei Modems free and instantly with our online calculator,Please read here Unlock Huawei Modems Instantly Please contact me if you notice any bug on the calculator, since its still new

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316 Responses to How to Reset New Algo like E303 E3131 Counter from 0 to 10

  1. pallpandiyan says:

    Can you give me both NCK and reset hash?
    Thanks in advance!

    Model No. : e303h
    IMEI : 862565025397349

  2. isaac says:

    can you help me with unlock code for E3131 IME:866539016381352

  3. damola says:

    Pls help me to reset the unlocking counter of my modem
    Glo bolt
    Huawei E303
    IMEI: 861195004095903
    thanks in advance sir

  4. christoffer says:

    hi Tele2 sweden huawei B260a imei code 358707031202102 and how do i do to unlock it?

  5. doxarised says:

    thanks for being so helpful to many.
    I tried unlocking my new airtel E3131 modem. told me its permanently locked after several attempts.
    please help me out with the detailed steps and software to use.
    IMEI: 862733012378645
    thank you so so much

  6. big says:

    i want to anlock my modem model E 3131 S-2 my imei is 862571020241672

  7. ian says:

    hello wilson, i followed the steps above but when i hit the enter key after entering the command, it says command not accepted and sometimes it says CME error: 50
    can u pls help me with it.

  8. ngueng says:

    bonjour aide moi j’ai une cle e3131 huawei mon imei 865456012407779 merci

  9. mouhamed says:

    bonjour les gars, j’ai juste besoin d’aide j’ai une e3131 de Huwei et je veux déverrouiller donc s’il vous plaît aidez-moi mon imei est: 865456013119936

  10. daryl guray says:

    imei: 864345020465583

  11. srinivas says:

    IMEI :860369011869706
    MODEL : E 303 D

  12. mouhamed says:

    hello guys i just need help i have an huwei e3131 and i want to unlock it so please help me my imei is: 865456011697552

  13. hilary says:

    How can I return unlock modem back to lock.

  14. hilary says:

    Please how can I return unlock back to lock

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