Unlock Huawei v201 Algo E3531 E3272 E5372 E5330 E8231 E3372

Our latest online calculator for old and new algo huawei modems have been a great success as it has helped more than 12,640 users in just 5 months.

We although noticed alot of others use same online calculator for the latest huawei algo v201 which is currently not supported on the platform. (It now support it- updated 6/14/2015)

So for now you can comment below your IMEI and i assure you a prompt reply with the v201 algo unlock code till i implement the v201 ago on the online calculator.

Most latest modems and routers now have the 201_algo, so if you try the new algo and it didnt work then surely your modem or router has the latest algo and i will get you the code in no time.

Modems and Routers with v201 algo: MR100-3, M100-4, 824F (E3272), 823F, 826FT (E5372), 423s, E8231, E5330, E3372 (827F), M21-4 (E3531) and other including the recent E3131h-2.


v3 Online Huawei Code Calculate for v201 Algo



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