Unlimited Browsing With MTN BIS and TunnelGuru VPN

MTN BIS plans are now unlimited and works with most proxy and VPN softwares, as I have posted MTN BIS working with Simple Server and also MTN BIS working with PD Proxy, note simple server is totally free no need to buy voucher but you will have to use it via proxy port 8080.


If you don’t want that then you can consider TunnelGuru or PD Proxy which are VPN clients and doesn’t need proxy but for efficiency you might need to buy vouchers, note they also have free servers but gives only 150MB daily and also slower than paid servers.

How to use MTN BIS on Computer With TunnelGuru

  1. subscribe to any MTN BIS Plan (for 100 Naira daily plan send BBCDAY to 21600 and for 1000 Naira monthly plan send BBC to 21600)
  2. Make sure Java runtime is installed on your computer with version not less than 7
  3. Goto http://tunnelguru.com/registration.php  register and verify your email
  4. Download Latest TunnelGuru from http://tunnelguru.com/download.php make sure to download the appropriate one for your computer (32bit or 64bit)
  5. Configure your modem to default MTN APN (web..gprs.mtnnigeria.net)
  6. Type in your registered username and password on TunnelGuru software, then configure your TunnelGuru with this settings:


For TunnelGuru TCP



Tick use proxy on advance settings and type in

Protocol: TCP

Header: Host: wap.blackberry.com%2f%3a%[email protected]


For TunnelGuru UDP



Protocol: UDP


For TunnelGuru ICMP

Protocol: ICMP

Mode: Mode-4 (faster)



  1. Select any server if you are on paid voucher or select DEMO server if you want to try it out with the 150MB daily free plan.
  2. Connect your modem and click start, wait for it to connect and you are good to go.

If you need a premium voucher just contact me via [email protected]


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