Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

Airtel Nigeria has finally broken the deadlock by launching a ‘truly’ Airtel unlimited data plan which comes in different packages.


We all have craved for unlimited data plans over the years and it seems its all before us as first we got Ntel unlimited Data plans from the LTE broadband service provider then Spectranet now has an unlimited data plan for Lagos and Ibadan customers at about N18,000 naira and Airtel has come up with its own Airtel Unlimited plans.

Different Airtel unlimited data Plans Packages

Airtel Unlimited data plan comes in three (3) different packages:

Packages Duration Amount (₦)
Unlimited 10  30 days 10,000
Unlimited 15  30 days 15,000
Unlimited 20  30 days 20,000


Now you see why the airtel unlimited plan is a bit confusing? Having an unlimited data plans with same validity periods at different prices shows there is definitely something we dont know about the plan, what is/are the advantages the packages have over each other?

How to Subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

Below are the subscription codes to active airtel unlimited plan on your airtel SIM Card:

  • For Airtel Unlimited 10 at ₦10,000 dial *471#
  • For Airtel Unlimited 15 at ₦15,000 dial *463#
  • For Airtel Unlimited 20 at ₦20,000 dial *351#

Is Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Truly Unlimited?

Obviously its not unlimited going by the fact that it comes in three different packages at different prices having same validity, there is surely a fair usage policy which means the airtel unlimited is definitely not totally unlimited as we might think.

Even the Ntel Unlimited data plan and Spectranet Unlimited data plans comes with fair usage policies which means it is not totally unlimited or there are some conditions attached, like spectranet you get about 100GB data at a high speed of 8Mps but the speed reduces to 512Kbs after using up the 100GB.


Update: Data Cap for Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

Packages Duration Amount (₦) Data Cap
Unlimited 10  30 days 10,000 40GB
Unlimited 15  30 days 15,000 65GB
Unlimited 20  30 days 20,000 100GB

so, Airtel Unlimited is not truly unlimited as claimed! 🙁


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