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Published on March 22nd, 2014 | by Wilson


How to Remove WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date

If you have seen a pop-up windows on your computer with a message saying WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue. Then read ahead to know more about it and how to remove it.

Firstly before i explain what no body have explained online, i will like to point this out clearly, a complete format and reinstallation of your operating system will not solve this problem so don’t stress yourself formatting your computer, as i have tried it, after formatting my computer i still got the same pop-up window.

How it started

Few weeks ago i wanted logging into my router web interface then i noticed my password was not working anymore, which i am very sure i didn’t changed , so i had to call my ISP and they asked me to use my account number which i did and got access to my router admin page, i immediately changed the admin password and the wireless password as my ISP couldn’t tell me why my password changed suddenly.

That was when i started noticing the pop-up message saying WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue. I didn’t update the flash player from the pop-windows, i went to adobe’s official website to download the latest flash player but still kept getting the same message to update my flash player when  try to access websites like facebook.com, youtube.com, google.com, nairaland.com.

I did some searches online as now i was very sure it was something fishy, then i read about it that it was a malware which could be removed by so many methods like uninstalling the last installed applications, scanning with latest malware removers etc. trust me i did everything but this keeps coming.

Now I was getting smart as i noticed I was getting same message on any device connected to my router, but still wanted to act dumb like it was my computer that was effected and its spreading the malware across my network.

Now I had to format my computer and did a clean re-installation of my Windows 8.1 Pro, just after reinstalling the operating system, i was going to download the latest flash player first, entered google.com and bang the pop-up message again telling me WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue.

Now even the dumbest person on earth should know it is not coming from my computer but from the network but why every other site i visited never made mention of network they all talked about uninstalling/scanning/formatting etc.

How to Remove WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue.

As simple as it could get, i just had to reset my router (by holding down the reset button under the router for 6 seconds).

Note after restart all your ISP settings will be lost, so if you know the settings you could insert them in or just call your ISP and they will work you through the configuration. Now you just need to clear your browsers cache and you will not get that pop-up message again.

As i am not very sure how much of your settings the malware must have changed that is why i am recommending a reset if not, just change your DNS back to and will solve the problem.

Finally I learnt my lessons about how to secure my router and you can read here 8 Simple steps to secure your Wireless Router.

News: 300,000 routers were attacked worldwide between the 4th and 7th of March through some sort of loophole that allows malware to change your router password.

Please comment below if you have had similar experience and share with friends to help them stay secured.


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136 Responses to How to Remove WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date

  1. nabil says:

    thanks man , u r really helpful ! :)

  2. jkchavda says:

    It’s Working in BSNL India Teracom Wireless Router.

    Thanx A lot for this post.

  3. Metin says:

    Wilson, I was having this problem about a month with my android devices and just changed the DNS on the router to google dns per your advice and it is just gone. Thanks so much, may you good luck all your life dude.

  4. wkurzony says:

    mam taki problem na tablecie z systemem android. co mam zrobić

  5. Murat says:

    Hi) Great article. Thx. What about android system . ? I have the same issue. Internet explorer and flash player update viruses. Don’t know what to do.:(

  6. Kelvin says:

    I have yet to fix this one and now i get a ‘WARNING! Your Internet Explorer is currently out of date. Please update to continue.’ Its pissing me off how do i get rid of them!!

  7. Visakh says:

    Thanks Wilson for your tips.
    I was about to format/reinstall windows, when i came across your article.
    Before I spend doing many things to remove this malware, install malware removers, run rkill etc etc..
    You savd my day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have the same problem with my router, it infected two of our computers and so far only mine is still safe and running (as in I didn’t get the virus even the first time around). We did all you said and for a couple of days the problem seemed solved, but now we’re back to a square one and things got even worse. One can’t access internet AT ALL and nothing that worked before seems to work now.

    • Wilson says:

      but i have personally solved this issue on many computers, this is what you will do
      1. reset your router
      2. disable remote acesss
      3. change administrator password
      4. clear all your browsers cache

  9. Dan says:

    Hi Will, thank you in advance for sharing your solution… I tried it but I’m still having the same issue. My modem is a separated unit, not built in the router. When connecting the modem straight to the pc, I thought it’d work, but even after clearing cache, I’m still coursed… And even after resetting my router and changing the admin admin default pass, it changed my wireless pass again… Do you think I got my modem infected? (Just for the statistics, I’m in Argentina)

  10. Allen says:

    I had the similar issue. I realized it was a router issue only after reading your article.
    The router reset solved it beautifully.
    Thanks Wilson.

    I still get the pop up for google.com and yahoo.com. after reading few of the comments, I think clearing the browser cache should solve the issue, am I right Wilson?

  11. nomikos says:

    Yeaaaaaaah Google RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have no access to reset the router, but setting DNS did the trick for me.
    Is this a router virus??? Really??? No worry for my Laptop???
    I think it wasnt for all browsers
    Thnx!! Very good and useful article.

  12. Ben Tonga says:

    Hi Wilson, very good article, I have the same problem but…. First time I show the pop-up window weeks ago in another country (I work abroad). Now I’m home and the pop-up window came again in my macbook, but in my wife’s computer is everything ok. What it might mean. Is my macbook infected? And the router in another country also? Have I to reset my router home or just this in another country?
    Ben Tonga

    • Wilson says:

      your router at home might just be clean and your computer might also not be infected, this are the things to try

      1. clear your browsers cache…(seems like your browser has cached that pop thats why its still showing it)

      2. if after clearing your cache you still have the pop then your computer might be infected but i really doubt that

      • Ben Tonga says:

        Thanks, I cleaned up cache from every browser I have installed and so far the pop-up window don’t come again. But… I have to check all computers, I’m stiel thinking something is wrong….

      • Ben Tonga says:

        Hi, so the window came again… Next wek I go bak to work. I have to reset my router there.

  13. Rafik says:

    Thank you Wilson, lucky I came across your advice by resetting the router it fix. Sometimes antivirus software bloody hopeless. Thanks again I don’t have to reinstall Windows 7.

  14. Demon says:

    Szacunek dla Ciebie…. udało mi sie to usunąć dzieki tej stronie…. problem mialem od początku….. ze niby ktos mi zmienił haslo do routera…. teraz wszystko dziala…. dziekie

  15. Anna says:

    Hello. I’m from Georgia, Caucasia. I and my brother have the same problem. We changed our Windows, but later this problem started appearing again. I don’t use a wireless router. I have a router with cable and what should I do? Can I use all this advises for my router? Will it really help me?

    • Anna says:

      Please, report me as fast as you can. I am really in confusion. :’(

      • Wilson says:

        yes, totally, it actually doesnt matter if its a wired or wireless router……just follow the solution and i assure you, it will help

        • Anna says:

          I trust you but I don’t understand such things(connected with computer). So I prefer to confide it to a specialist. I really trust you but I don’t want to make my problem wore. We already asked to help to specialist from our country. He changed our windows twice and when we reported about this pop-up, he still came to us and then said that he changed the network settings. For about 2-3 weeks our browsers worked normally and there were no pop-ups but today it started again. :(

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