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How to Install Whatsapp on s40 Java Phones Like Asha 200 & 205

This tutorial will guide you to install Whatsapp messenger on your non-supported java phones like the Nokia Asha 200, Asha 205 and any other non-supported java phones.

Please take note you need to free up your internal memory before proceeding, at least have more than 4MB free and very important to have two SIM card in the phone  while installing it and setting it up so you dont have setting up favorites failed.

1. Download the Raw file from here note the file is a zipped file.

2. unzip the downloaded zipped file, then copy the whole folder to your memory card (advisable to do this step on a computer).

3. Now goto the folder, DO NOT launch the whatsapp application inside the folder just yet.

4. Copy the application from the memory card to your My Apps or Games.

5. Now go back to the initial folder and delete it.

6. Now go to the whatsapp application in your phone, click the option button and click update version, let it update then you can open the application…follow all instructions and be patient, when it is finally opening, you will get updating notification enabler let it load, it will fail and tell you phone not supported, close it and your whatsapp is installed and working.

Update: for those asking how to get the unzipped version download this two files here and here , copy them to a folder on your memory card, then rename them like this WhatsApp_jar will now be WhatsApp.jar then WhatsApp_jad will be WhatsApp.jar after this follow the steps from 4. above.

For People still not able to install Whatsapp both the zipped and unzipped, i still have a solution for you just download directly from Nokia store here and it will surely work,


You can now watch the video tutorial i made on Youtube, click the above video and watch the part 1 and 2.

A suggestion for people in india who are getting error on updating favorites should follow this steps:

Step 1 : You need to get a Nokia phone that has whatsapp messenger working on it already.

Step 2: Copy the application to the phone’s memory card (Note:copy not cut)
Step 3 : Remove the memory card and insert into your mobile phone copy the whatsapp to your phone.

Now start enjoying whatsapp on your Nokia Asha 200 thanks to Ashmin for pointing out the method

also if you are getting Setting up favorites failed. Network Conditions do not allow contact refresh then just delete your all configurations of gprs from Menu->Settings->Configuration->delete configurations…then again open your whatsapp application from memory card

some brilliant suggestions by our readers which could help you:

1. If you are getting error do a factory reset on your Nokia asha…then open your browser and update the new Nokia xpress. close and start the whole process again.

2. make sure you have two SIM CARDS in the phone while doing this process,  but you will be needing just one to access the internet but the second SIM card slot should NOT be empty.

Now i believe no body will get any error again while installing Whatsapp on their Nokia Asha 200 or any other Nokia with double SIM card. Share this page with friends so they can benefit




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482 Responses to How to Install Whatsapp on s40 Java Phones Like Asha 200 & 205

  1. ajayimoses says:

    pls can some help me it is unable to start..

  2. rahul phadtare says:

    enable to start

  3. aditi kurhekar says:

    This trick really worked…thanks a lott for that :) but i am having the issue of time settings…..whtsapp is working fine on my nokia asha 200 but the time it displays when msg is received different and also last seen of my friends…pls help me out…thanks :)

  4. Zuko says:

    When i download whatsapp on my nokia asha 205 it says downloading failed please help me

  5. zodwa says:

    whatsapp is unable to start y?

  6. isa keita says:

    i cnt download whatsapp in my nokia asha 205 plz anybody help me out thankz

  7. Jon says:

    Thanks for this it was baffling me why whatsapp wouldn’t work. As mentioned its CRUCIAL that you put another SIM card in SIM2 even if its just an old one thats not working

  8. wow! I really tenk this guy for making it possible for us to have whatsapp on our cell phone now my nokia 205 is on whatsapp.

  9. mahesh says:

    bro wts app wrk fr few months……. Bt nw it iz showing unable 2 start…… It askd 2 update i updated bt frm tat tym it iz nt opening

  10. ashish says:

    its not work properly always show the message connect to the server and whilst open connection problem i suggest the update ur phone software nearest nokia store or update software through internet connection threw…ok thank u..

    • harsh says:

      i also have a same issue in my cell phone it shows ( could not connect to server : Error occured whilst opening connection )

      what do i do.
      Can anyone please help me out.

    • harsh says:

      now it get solved now i have the issue of
      refreshing favorites failed.
      can some one tell me how to solve this issue .
      it always stuck on 60% and get failed.

      please reply ASAP

  11. abdul says:

    pls I have whatsapp on my nokia asha 205 dual sim wic I copy, and it says unable to start, pls what can I do, email me at Thanks

  12. Yes, but i think that install whatsapp in our PC must be easy and fast.

  13. Wills Umoh says:

    Pls i really need ur help like urgently, thanks at first cos d direction worked but for a month now am unable to open d application after when it prompted me to update d version and i did but its been showing ‘unable to start’, i ave flash, restore setting and d likes but to no avail, help pls thanks

  14. spsinhgh says:

    bro..its always showing error occured whilst opening..

  15. vipin says:

    i ve downloaded the app, i worked fine for 2 days after that it is saying ”unable to open”
    i ve tried everything, done factory restore and repeated the whole downloaded process again but the app is not opening it is saying ”unable to start”
    plzz rply

  16. yogi says:

    but asha 200 can’t able to unzip a zipped file

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