Tecno Mobile Phones in Nigeria

Tecno Telecom Limited, which was established in July 2006 in Hong Kong, is a comprehensive mobile phone manufacturer; it has now become one of the major mobile phone suppliers in Africa and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in China.

In the year of 2008, Tecno Mobile decided to focus on Africa as its key market and accordingly launched the TECNO brand strategy. Through three years of efforts, TECNO has achieved initial success with its outstanding and unique marketing strategy, and has now become one of the most popular mobile phone brands in many countries in Africa including Nigeria. Besides, it has been recognized as the No.1 Dual SIM mobile phone brand in those countries with TECNO branches, including Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, etc. In 2010, TECNO has ascended into the top three mobile phone brands in Africa.

Tecno Mobile currently has more than 30 featured and smart phones and Tablets in the Nigerian market see full list of tecno phones in Nigeria Market.

Tecno Mobile Office Addresses in Nigeria

Tecno has offices all round Nigeria where you can visit to buy original Tecno phones and accessories with warranty and even visit them for repairs and enquires.

Below are the major Tecno office addresses I can get my hands on for now, if you know more please post in comment box and I will confirm and update the list.

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Tecno Office in Lagos Nigeria

This happens to be Tecno Mobile head office

Address: 19, Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria.

Phone: +23418821234, +23418427248

Tecno Office In Abuja Nigeria

Address:  BSS 220D, Banex Plaza, Plot 750, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.

Phone: +2347098738770, +2347066085854.

Tecno Office in Kano Nigeria

Address: NO.25, Beirut Road, Kano, Nigeria.

Phone: +2347063756339, +2347066085854

Tecno Office in Ibadan Nigeria

Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadon, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Phone: +2347027104664, +2347066085854

Tecno Office in Onitsha Nigeria

Address: City Plaza 3rd Floor, D45, NO. 13 okwei /40 NO.ttidge Street Onitsha

Phone: +23417755575, +2347066085854

Tecno Office in Port Harcourt Nigeria

Address: No-290 Aba Road, Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria

Phone: +234709424, +2347066085854

Tecno Office in Kaduna Nigeria

Address: Alhaj Ya Ahmed House 3rd Floor G5, Ahamdu Bello Way, Kaduna

Phone: +234 062833801

Tecno Office in Benin Nigeria

Address: 15 Obakhavbaye Street of Oba Market Road, Benin City

Phone: +2345289125, +2347066085854


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    Joseph Ibezim May 27, 2017 at 9:01 AM

    So far, they now have more offices, the updated list of tecno office addresses can be found here: http://www.xtrahola.com/list-tecno-office-addresses-nigeria/

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    globalltd August 19, 2016 at 12:41 PM

    Offer you new and uk used tecno,infinix,Nokia,htc,Samsung products no give aways price, call to book down yours,we make delivery to the 36 state in Nigeria. Delivery is free but in some state delivery fee Apply, price list….. Tecno 7C Pro: ₦27,500..Tecno boom j5: #21,000
    Tecno boom j7: #23,000.. Tecno boom j8: #30,000
    Tecno Phantom 5: ₦95,000
    Tecno C5: ₦33,500
    Tecno C8: ₦34,500
    TECNO F5 ₦18,000.00
    TECNO F6 ₦29,500.00
    TECNO H3 ₦12,500.00
    Tecno H5 ₦14,500.00
    Tecno H7 ₦29,500.00
    Tecno M3 ₦12,000.00
    TECNO M7 ₦23,500.00
    Tecno P5 ₦17,500.00
    Tecno Phantom A III (Three) ₦45,500.00
    Tecno Phantom PAD mini (P9) ₦29,000.00
    TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9) ₦35,000.00
    TECNO Phantom Z ₦59,000.00
    TECNO R7 ₦41,000.00
    Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini ₦38,000.00
    (INFINIX PRICE LIST) Infinix Hot 2 X510 (2GB RAM) :#27,350
    Infinix Hot X507 : NOT AVAILABLE
    Infinix Hot 2 X510 (1GB RAM) :#24,000
    Infinix Hot Note X551 :#28,000
    Infinix Zero 2 : #42,000 Infinix Note2 :#39,500
    Infinix Zero 3 :#58,000
    Infinix Hot 3 :#33,000
    Infinix Hot S : #45,000
    (NOKIA PRODUCT)………………….Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM : #47,500
    Nokia Lumia 620 : #26,000
    Nokia X2 (Android) ; #20,000
    Nokia Lumia 925 : #59,000
    Nokia Lumia 920 : #40,000
    Nokia Lumia 820 : #23,000
    Nokia Lumia 520 : #19,500
    Microsoft Epix Mega Two Tab : #48,000
    Microsoft Lumia 625 : #23,500
    Microsoft Lumia 1030 : #84,000
    Nokia Lumia 640 XL : #36,000
    Nokia Lumia 1320 : #38,000
    Nokia Lumia 540 : #27,000
    Nokia 105 Dual Sim ; #5,000
    Nokia 220 : #11,000
    Nokia 130 : #6,000
    Nokia 215 : #8,000,
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +: ₦225,000
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5: ₦195,000
    Samsung Galaxy J5: ₦52,000
    Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦113,000
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: ₦232,000
    Samsung Galaxy S7: ₦196,000
    Samsung Galaxy A7: ₦130,000
    Samsung Galaxy A8: ₦142,000
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: ₦164,500
    Samsung E2222: ₦7,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦68,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313): ₦23,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850 + Free Wrist watch, Power Bank and T-shirt (Limited
    Offer): ₦110,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Core: ₦26,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy Core II (G355): ₦25,000.00
    SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE PRIME G360: ₦28,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Gear Two: ₦50,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: ₦45,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo: ₦35,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy K zoom ₦74,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB) ₦95,000.00
    SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 2014 EDITION 32GB ₦108,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ₦136,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Note3 ₦91,000.00
    HTC One M9: ₦140,000
    HTC One A9: ₦139,000
    HTC Desire 820: ₦86,000
    HTC One M8: ₦92,500
    HTC One M8 Eye: ₦112,000
    HTC Desire 626G+: ₦52,500
    HTC Desire Eye E1: ₦105,000
    HTC One M9 Plus: ₦131,000
    HTC One M7 Gold ₦73,000.00
    HTC One M7 Single SIM Blk & Slv ₦70,000.00
    HTC One Gold (32GB) ₦79,000.00
    HTC One M7 -Dual SIM ₦73,000.00
    HTC One E8 Single ₦80,000.00
    HTC One E8 Dual ₦82,000.00
    HTC One (M8) Gold ₦103,600.00
    HTC Desire 816 Dual ₦58,000.00
    HTC Desire 616 ₦42,500.00
    HTC Desire 610 ₦45,000.00
    HTC Desire 600 Dual ₦56,000.00
    HTC Desire 300 ₦29,000.00
    HTC Desire 500 Dual ₦40,500.00 All product are available while stock last call 07051244067 to book down your today thanks via GLOBAL TELECOMMUNICATION.

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    CHUKWUEMEKA March 19, 2016 at 10:55 PM

    One of your sales rep in Warri Deco road at Robinson plaza Buky by name stationed at Ebuka Techno mobile store behaved abnormally today, she injured a guy by hitting him with an object that looks like omega symbol that was placed at techno display table at Ebuka store. Its so embarassing that customers with the intention of buying phone started leaving Ebuka’s techno store. If not for people around, it would have resulted in beating her up. She also indulges in lesbianism at the store publicly there by tarnishing the image of the store and the company. You are free to find out for yourself. She is so babaric that she does not worth beiang your rep. I advise you sack her before its too late, knowing that homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria; she will be disgraced soon. Infact she does not qualify as a rep. How can a rep be so violent and stupid at the same time that she could not say sorry to the guy?

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