Ring burns your finger to remind you of your anniversary

We’ve all done it — forgotten a birthday, anniversary, or some other important date, like when when taxes are due. Living in 2013, it’s easier to remember these dates, as our smartphones are pretty good at automatically pulling events from various sources, and then letting us know through alerts. However, if you aren’t connected to some social networks, that little computer in your pocket may not alert you to your dearest friend’s birthday, or your first-kiss anniversary. Now, if your phone isn’t entirely trustworthy, you can purchase a ring that’ll alert you to a special date. It doesn’t buzz or beep, but burns you a little bit instead.

Dubbed the Remember Ring, the piece of jewelry uses something being called Hot Spot technology, which sets off 24 hours before a pre-determined special date that you divulge when you buy the ring. The ring heats up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, stays that way for 10 seconds, and repeats this every hour until the date arrives. The 120 degree temperature was chosen because it’s hot enough to notice and cause some discomfort, but not enough to do any damage.

The ring employs a micro-thermopile to turn heat from your hand into electricity that is used to power the ring. So, the ring is reported to always have enough power to remind you when that special day has almost arrived. The ring is also waterproof, as well as impact resistant — though the amount of force it can resist isn’t made clear. The Remember Ring is available in seven different styles made of 14k white or yellow gold, or a combination of the two.

The Remember Ring will burn a $760 hole in your pocket if you want it to (almost) burn your finger. However, the product page says the ring is currently a concept, but you can place a pre-order if you want to be an early adopter of a thing that burns your finger because you have a poor memory. For anyone who has ever missed an anniversary, the seemingly high price of $760 is probably a small price to pay to avoid getting in trouble for such a heinous crime.

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