Prices of Tecno Phones in Nigeria

This is a full list of latest Tecno phones and their prices in Nigeria, note prices are listed in Naira.

The list will be updated weekly to reflect changes of prices and if you can’t find any blackberry you want on the list, just make a comment about that and I will update it.

Its no news again how Tecno Android phones are becoming very popular in Nigeria, they are very cheap low cost android devices with great specifications.


**click on phone name to view the phone’s full specifications **

Tecno Phantom A Plus N34, 000
Tecno Phantom A II (F8)
N46, 000
Tecno Phantom A III
Tecno Phantom N9 Pad N36,500
Tecno Pad mini P9 N23,000
Tecno Q1 N18,000
Tecno B3 N11,500
Tecno M3 N14,000
Tecno M5 N24,000
Tecno M7 N23,500
Tecno D3 N14,000
Tecno D5 N14,500
Tecno D7 N25,000
Tecno D9 N??????
Tecno N3 N13,000
Tecno P3 N12,500
Tecno P5 N18,000
Tecno L3 N14,000
Tecno N7 N28,500
Tecno S3 N14,500
Tecno S5 N??????

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