No Privacy Online

Do you know who is spying on you on the internet? Privacy online have become very disturbing as nothing seems to be private anymore if it on the internet, then it’s no more private. A lot of people have fallen victim of one crime or the other owing the fact that people can just search all information about them online.

It might surprise you results of a Google search using your name, email, screen name etc. information retrieved from a Google search is not limited to just your social media information but any forum post, pictures posted anywhere online.

Social media channels like Facebook have default privacy settings which keep all  your data open for the whole world to access including your wall posts which might contain vital information about you, pictures, profile personal  information which might have your address, institution attended, telephone number birthday and place of work. A lot of people are not aware of privacy settings and how to change to give themselves a little privacy online and so keep such information open for the whole world to see.

Facebook is constantly changing its privacy setting which people are not aware of, after such changes, Facebook users are required to update their privacy settings but Facebook have made this very difficult for users to be aware of such.

Randi Zuckerberg the sister to the big boy behind Facebook fell a victim of failed Facebook privacy when she shared a family photo on Facebook with her friends only to find same picture everywhere on the internet.

It has been found that most third-party platform applications for Facebook gave developers access to far more information than needed to run the app.

People have in time lost big job offers due to results of background check on them on the internet and their social media presence, a lot of people sometimes stumble on some crazy site where they feel so like anonymous so they share sexy pictures of themselves and post naughty things, a search using your email might get you to the world since most registrations online are done using your email, employers may be able to see photos and posts that could conflict with your professional image.


President Barack Obama has signed legislation Thursday granting the public the right to automatically share on their Facebook what they are watching on Netflix.  Yea, It might sound like a good news for those people who want to flood their Facebook with whatever time-suck they’re watching, but it’s bad news for privacy.

How to try to protect your data online

  1. Make sure to check often the privacy settings available on your social media as they tend to change often.
  2. If you can always ignore the password saving and recovery features it will do you more good.
  3. Be careful the applications you use on social medias.
  4. Always be careful of external links and pop-up windows.
  5. Always post things with the fact that what you are posting can be seen by your friends, employer, parents.
  6. When using social media that allows video chatting, always make sure your cam is off after such calls.

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