How To Connect Your Twitter Account To 2go

2go mobile messenger has become a very popular free instant messenger that allows user chat with friends free,  with its gate way feature giving users the ability to link 2go to other social media channels like Facebook, Gtalk and twitter.

2go users have long being enjoying the ability to chat with their Facebook friends using the 2go application, but only very few know about linking their twitter account to the 2go  application.

This tutorial will explain to you in full detail how to successfully link your twitter account to the 2go instant messenger

Steps to connect 2go with twitter


Step 1

First you will be needing a Gmail account, if you don’t have one, create it by visiting here after a successful creation of the account which is valid to access any Google services such as- Gtalk, Google+, Etc.

Step 2

Secondly you will need a twitter account if you don’t have one already you can sign up on  easily.

Step 3

Sign in your twitter account on after signing in successfully  visit and click on the sign in with twitter button, when signed in click on authorise app. There you will have the option to select which account to use with it, select Gtalk since that’s thhe only gateway current present on 2go’s gateway. Fill in the required Gmail details and click on register button.

Step 4

Now go back to settings on your 2go, click on gateway and select Gtalk, fill in your Gmail details as username and password (e.g [email protected] username: name), don’t add the in the login and it should also be in lowercase.

Step 5

Now on your friends lists you will see a request from twitter, click on it and accept the request by adding twitter as a friend.

Now you have successfully added your twitter account to your 2go and can now use 2go application to tweet.


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