Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry 10 Plans

Following the recent global launch of BlackBerry’s latest device, the Blackberry Z10, Airtel and MTN Nigeria have since introduced new Blackberry data plans for the device.

Etisalat Nigeria has announced the availability of BlackBerry Z10 devices at its Experience Centres nationwide. In addition to making the device available, the company has also introduced four new plans for the device. The new BlackBerry 10 plans from Etisalat Nigeria offer all the BBM you’ll ever need with unlimited access for the duration of your plan. Even when your data runs out, you’ll be able to chat on BlackBerry Messenger, as the service is not charged from your data bundle.

Each of these plans come in a variety of time plans, the weekly and monthly plans for each just like the Blackberry 10 plans for MTN

Monthly Plans on BlackBerry 10
s/nBlackberry 10 Monthly Plan      for 30 daysData BundlesPriceOpt in Code USSD Opt in Code SMS
1Blackberry® 10 Lite Plan with unlimited BBM200MB1,000*599*2#SMS MLite to 399
2Blackberry® 10 Mid Plan with unlimited BBM360MB2,000*599*3#SMS MMid to 399
3Blackberry® 10 Max Plan with unlimited BBM1GB3,000*599*4#SMS MMax to 399
4Blackberry® 10 MaxPlus Plan with unlimited BBM1.5GB4,000*599*1#SMS MPlus to 399
Weekly Plans on BlackBerry 10
s/nBlackberry 10 Weekly Plan       for 7 daysData BundlesPriceOpt in Code USSDOpt in Code SMS
1BlackBerry® 10 Lite Plan with unlimited BBM85MB850*599*2*1#SMS WLite to 399
2BlackBerry® 10 Mid Plan with unlimited BBM200MB1000*599*3*1#SMS WMid to 399
3BlackBerry® 10 Max Plan with unlimited BBM500MB1,500*599*8#SMS WMax to 399

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