How to cancel auto renewal on Glo Data Plan

if you are a Glo data user then at some point you might have been faced with the task to cancel auto renewal on glo data. Recently on Glo data things have changed and alot of people cant figure out how to cancel auto renewal on glo as sending CANCEL to 127 might now work.

If you check on social media you will see a lot of complain from users who canceled auto renewal but still got renewed immediately they recharged like this below:

 Dear Glo, lemme just leave the annoyance you’ve given me this morning and ask my question. Why is it that every god damn time I cancel a data auto renewal feature (with confirmation messages sent back to me), it always auto renews anyway immediately I recharge?!!?


So all you need to know is that for successful cancellation kindly send cancel to 127 when your plan is active, which means if you try to cancel auto renewal on your glo while your data has expired or is exhausted, you will get a successful message, but you will still get renewed when next you recharge, so you can ONLY cancel auto renewal on glo when you have an active data.

It is advisable if you need to cancel your data plan after your data has expired to call GLO customer care or tweet at them, so they can help cancel it from their end.

If Glo comes up with a new way to cancel auto renewal we would update this post.


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