How to Track Your Missing Android Phone

If you ever lost or can’t find your android phone Android Device Manager always got your back on that as it can help find lost android phone, lock it or erase it remotely.


How to Track Your Missing Android Phone

Android Device Manager can help you find lost android phone but you have to take not of this important requirements that are necessary to be able to use this method to find lost android phone.

  • There must be internet on the lost/missing android phone
  • Your Google account must still be logged in
  • Location on the android device must be turned on

If this requirements are met then you can locate our lost android phone, lock it or erase it.


  1. Goto Google Device Manager
  2. Log in the Google account on the missing android phone you want to find
  3. If all the requirements above are met you will get a screen like this:


Now you can either;

  • Ring the phone to find lost android phone (Note: the phone will ring out even if on silent mode)
  • Lock the lost phone with a password
  • Erase the phone, this will perform a factory reset on the lost android phone, all photos, messages, contacts etc will all be deleted.

I hope you find this usefully.

This method is very effective to find lost android phones almost immediately you notice you cant find your phone, just before the person with it can perform a factory reset or when your android phone is on silence and you can find it in the house.


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