solution to android device insufficient storage available

You might be wondering why you getting the error insufficient storage available when you are about to download an app into your android device even though you have enough storage on your SD card, this will explain why and how to fix it.


One this you should note is apps are not being stored in your SD card rather they are stored in the phone physical memory, so if you are getting this message of “insufficient storage available” it simple means you have exhausted your android device physical memory.

There are quite a number of options to solve the problem of insufficient storage available depending on how techy you are.


Solutions to Android Insufficient Storage Available

  1. The first solution will be to clean up your internal memory; the internal memory is filled up with messages, app data, app cache, apps etc so you can delete apps that are not useful to you, delete old messages especially those with medias (MMS) if any, go to the app settings are clear up app caches. this will definitely give you lot of free space on your internal memory.
  2. Some apps are built to be able to work either from the phone internal memory or from an SD card, this is to say not all applications can work from an SD card. So download AppMgr III from Google play and use it to move moveable apps from your internal memory to external SD card.
  3. You can download all-in-one apps to help reduce the number of apps installed on your computer e.g if you are using a mobile app to read news from another app to read from CNN etc you can just download a single app like pulse to be bale to read news from all this sites.



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