Maximizing Gadget Battery

Gadget users are mostly known for carrying their power cables almost everywhere they go for the fact that most gadget battery doesn’t last long. That’s like gadgets are getting smarter but their battery life is not.
Lithium-ion battery which is the type found in most gadgets and computers needs extra care to maximize its usage otherwise their lifespan can be shorten. Meaning your battery will be unable to hold a charge or unable to hold as big a charge as it used to.
Lately, developers are beginning to get so concern about their products battery life, but have failed to produce gadgets with amazing battery life. While we wait for the hardware development to catch up, the alternative will be to conserve battery life. Without a battery charger or a spare battery with you everywhere you go, you’ll have to make due with minimizing the consumption of your gadgets battery juice.
So below are few things you can do to extend your gadgets battery life and save power.

  • Charging your battery correctly: Do not discharge your battery to 0% before recharging, if there is no power source to charge it, power it down when it reaches at least 5%, personally I keep it at 15% and also don’t keep it over charge, lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be charged all the way to 100%.
  • Discharge battery at least once a month: If you are lucky with steady source of power, don’t keep your battery charged all the time, make sure to discharge it fully to 0% once a month, the feature on phone which shows how many hours remaining for your battery to die can easy be messed up by shallow charging, this helps to correct that
  • Keep the battery temperature cool:you must have observed that our battery runs out faster when our smartphones are warm, So don’t leave your smartphones under direct sunlight or in any place that is hot. One of the more common occurrences would be leaving the smartphone in a car parked under the sun. The battery will function optimally in cooler environments, so do look out for, and try to avoid, scenarios where your phone is exposed to unnecessary and excessive heat.
  • Minimize your notifications:With constant connectivity to the Internet, we tend to get notifications on our smartphones all the time, be it updates on the latest news, emails, high scores from games, add-ons for apps etc. But I’m sure that you would only want to be notified on the more essential stuffs like new text messages, or messages from Whatsapp. etc
  • Switch off Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G, GPS when not in use:Energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for signals, Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth etc, so try to keep them off while not in use as they tend to keep searching even without your concise. Generally, close all applications not in use.
  • Always dim your screen or use auto-brightness:This one tip affects battery life drastically. It’s obvious that dimming your screen will reduce your smartphone’s power consumption since we all have to activate the screen whenever we use our phones. If our screen is brightly lit up every couple of minutes when we check our emails and such, it eventually will zap battery juice. Auto-brightness setting enable the smartphone to adjust the brightness to its optimal level for reading while conserving battery life.
  • Lastly turn off vibrations.

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