Can We Rely On Gadgets?

The amount of gadgets we have available presently is starting to exceed my childhood imaginations. Cool, my concern is how we solely depend on gadgets in our daily activities. That got me thinking, are gadgets 100% reliable? I think they are not and we might get disappointed if we rely too much on them.
Personally I have few experiences when it comes to gadgets failing its user. I remember my Nexus died after 5 hours when I needed to make phone calls that literally determined whether or not I would be attending school that semester. Fortunately I found a payphone…but seriously, that was unforgivable.
I also recall when all email sent from my blackberry will always land into spam mails, damn…that really did a lot of harm to me till I found out.
My first time on Lagos Island, I didn’t want to start asking people around so I just used the map on my phone, damn it! I got lost even when the map shows otherwise.
I remember been called to send an important file to the office which was urgently needed, but at that moment no Internet service on my phone and no Wi-Fi around me, I messed that up.
I can also remember coming across a very beautiful carnival somewhere and wanted to take pictures or make videos but my gadget will not allow me because I have a low battery.
I had a very bad experience with a Windows 7 phone, which I had so much contact on, for no reason it just hard reset itself and I lost all my contact and data. I have also experienced that on my blackberry phone, when my password wouldn’t just work for no reason, so it had to do a wipe.
Lastly, I get this a lot, after sending a text message which shows sent, after a couple of hours or at times days, I get the not sent message, so now after sending text messages I have to call to confirm it.
With my experience above, which I blame only 9% on me the user, it got me thinking how reliable technologies are. Even the medical fields have embrace technology so well, which is very good, but can we depend on them solely?
Please make comments below about your experiences and what you think.

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